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On the 9th of September 6:00 P.M.

On the 9th of September 2017 the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus will host the annual September Night. This event is traditionally dedicated to the Day of the City. This year’s conception tells highlights that Minsk is ON.

Minsk citizens are to celebrate the anniversary of the city – 950 years since it was founded. Throughout this long way, Minsk had been acquiring its own unique and authentic historic memory and cultural image. It is about non-stop motion: every morning over the years Minsk had been tuning up and getting ready to get on the air. Art Museum is one of the cultural broadcasting channels and the program of September 9 is dwelling on the city deliberation.  Minsk is ON at the museum, from the lobby to the very distant exposition hall.


Exterior stage

5:00 P.M. – 6:00 P.M. – musical performance by the Re1ikt band

6:00 P.M. – grand ceremonial opening of the September Night


6:00 P.M.

Warmth of the City. Platform for photo-reinterpretation of the city space. The Art Museum invites residents and guests of Minsk to join this photo happening that will take place in terms the Magic of an Old Film. Photos of Minsk in 1930–1960s exhibition. You’ll have to pick up your best feature photography with Minsk as a lead character (10x14) and arrange it on the special board in the exposition to participate. It doesn’t matter whether the photo is new or old, colored or black-and-white. By the end of the night we will reproduce the “collective unconscious” of Minsk, the expert jury will choose three most remarkable photos.  Winners are to get invitations to the Treasures of The Ancient Egypt exhibition project is. A certificate that would cover book purchase in Son Gogola store is a special prize for the 1st place.

Round Gallery

6:30 P.M. – 11:00 P.M.

City. Architecture. Us  exhibition project. Tours over the city space of a painting. Every exhibition tells us a definite story, this particular one is about Minsk.  City guides Nikita Monich, Anna Vorslo and Maksim Luniov will conduct a number of real city tours over the exposition throughout the night.

Russian art, 1st exposition hall

6:15 – 11:00 P.M.

System of the City  - Discussion platform

City is a compellation of various connections starting from information and transport, connection between era and style in architecture, ending with the conflict between human activity and the integrity of ecosystems. City reality is not defined by the absolute power of nature, actions of the citizens and their will are more likely to dominate. We suggest discussion on the matter of urban processes in Minsk. Our experts will not just express their professional opinions and comment on the current situation in the city, but also will be happy to reflect on the feedback and give consideration to the questions – that is the key to the effective and productive communication.  Our discussion platform will give the floor to Andrey Karpeka and Dmitry Bibikov (Minsk Urban Platform), Tatyana Setsko (gender studies), Igor Korzun (Zelionaya Set (Green Network) ecology association).

Russian art, 1-5 exposition halls

Cellars, Closets and Cases – project that verbalizes stories about the way Russian fine art made to the National Art Museum.  Throughout the night visitors will have a chance to stop by the marked works of art and listen to the thrilling narration about the pre-museum past of the paintings.

Russian art, 5th exposition hall

6:00 P.M. – 11:00 P.M.

A Man and a City - Lecturing platform

It is hard not to think of the ways we define our city and the ways our city defines us when it comes to the celebration of its anniversary. Here and there we come across stories, both recent and nostalgic, both funny and melancholic. We are going to experience all that and even more with the help of our lecturers:

  • Mikhail Volodin, writer, journalist, author of the Minskie Istoriyky (Minsk Tales) project.

"The X City: from Hammurabi to Hottabych, or Minsk from the perspective of 

the Minskie Istoriyky project";  

  • Anton Garustovich, architect and researcher, director of the Aversa Group company.

"Minsk architecture and the Feelings it Gives Us”.

  • Georgiy Zaborsky, architect and researcher, founder of the creative cluster ME100.

"Concrete and Gagarin: an Affair with Architecture in Three Chapters and Three Generations".


Central crossing, New Pavilion

6:15 P. M. – 6:50 P.M. Sounds of the city – music performance by Vladimir Urbanovich, drummer, graduate of the Moscow Conservatory. The location will start with the sounds of drums for a reason. Noise, rustle and rattle would create strong association with the natural rhythmic percussion of the city.

8:00 P.M. – 8:15 P.M. Fashion show featuring the collections by Minsk designers, the participants of the Melnitsa Mody (Fashion Mill) republican contest, in collaboration with the Fashion Style podium school  of the National Center of the Artistic Expression of Children and Youth under the direction of Igor Ivanov.

9:10 P.M. – 9:50 P.M. Trenchant Melody of the City. Musical performance by Marina Lukashevich (piano) and Pavel Bortnik (guitar).

10 P.M. – 10:25 P.M. Fashion show featuring the collections by Minsk designers, the participants of the Melnitsa Mody (Fashion Mill) republican contest, in collaboration with the Fashion Style podium school  of the National Center of the Artistic Expression of Children and Youth under the direction of Igor Ivanov.

 Exhibition halls, New Pavilion

6 P.M. – 11 P.M. Activities for children, lounge zone.

7:25 P.M. – 11:00 P.M.  Music performance by Dear Pegasus, Evand, Defis 440 & Dj Stolica.

6:15 P.M. – 10:45 P.M. – Old Town.  Visitors of the Art Museum will get an opportunity to discover secrets of the Upper Town. Our colleagues from the Strana Mini Museum of Architectural Miniatures have prepared an architectural model and special excursion program that with the help of the Minsk, July 3 1944 painting by Valentin Volkov will reveal the most peculiar stories of this place.

Primary sponsor – Foreign unitary enterprise “British American Tobacco Trading Company”

Admission: 5 BYN – adult, 2.5 BYN – reduced for children and students

Tickets are available at the museum box office.