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Aladova’s Readings-2018. The 16th International Research Conference

The annual International Research Conference aims to introduce the results of the latest studies of the Belarusian and world art, as well as materials related to the modern museum practice (museum pedagogy, interactive programs and exhibition projects) into scientific discourse.

The study of the museum collections of Belarus is anarea of particular interest, because to a certain extent they still remain "terra incognita"for experts and art lovers.

Art historians, museologists, historians, restorers, cultural researchers and representatives of the allied disciplines, who consider the opportunity to inform the public about their professional experience, are invited to participate in the conference.


Format of participation: report or presentation of an implemented project (time limit – up to 15 minutes).

The conference reports will be published in Belarusian and Russian languagesin the collection“The Reports of the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus”




Contemporary issuesin visual arts studies

Topics: attribution, restoration, systematization and cataloging of collections, comparative art studies, current artistic practices.

Museum and its visitor: communication strategies

Topics: innovative forms of interaction with visitors, inclusive projects, museum navigation, priorities of museum marketing, exposition and exhibition activities


Applications for participation and scientific reports are accepted by the Organizing Committee up to May 15, 2018 via e-mail: aneiko@artmuseum.by


Application must contain the following information:

  • full name (name, surname);
  • academic degree;
  • academic rank (if any);
  • place of employment and the position held / place of study;
  • title of the report/project presentation;
  • contact telephone numbers, e-mail.


Report formatting guide lines:

  • 16 000–20 000 printed symbols;
  • abstract up to 100 words;
  • keywords;
  • TimesNewRoman font, size 14, line spacing – 1, paragraph offset – 1,25; text margins: right – 15 mm, left – 30 mm, above and below – 20 mm;
  • footnotes in square brackets should indicate the number of the source in the bibliography and the page number;
  • referencesinalphabeticalorder;
  • title in capital letters, bold, centre aligned;
  • initials of the author, author's surname, position held and place of employment should be placed under the heading;
  • illustrations (JPG, 300 dpi) andcaptions to them should be provided in separate files; total amount ofgraphical applications – up to 7 files.


Working languages of the Conference are Belarusian, Russian and English

The Organizing Committee has the right to select and reject materials that do not comply with the level and the subject of the Conference.

Accommodation, meals and travel expenses are covered by the sending organizations.


Conference venue and date:

The National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus

Minsk, 20Lenina Str.

May 24, 2018

Registration of participants starts at 9:30 AM


Contact Person: Svetlana Aneiko, Academic Secretary;

Tel. +375(17)327 28 55