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Children School of Etiquette

Subject of Study: “Smiling while Communicating”


Adults are always being fascinated by a well-mannered child, who deprives his or her parents of many problems, and by the way well bringing up results in a pleasant state of motherhood. What a parent does not dream about it? But well bringing up in compliance with the rules of basic etiquette is very rare. For your child a game will open the doors into the world of beautiful manners: forfeits, illustrated riddles, puzzles and quizzes, and master-classes as well will do their work and children will be immersed in etiquette. The School of Etiquette is opened by the following subject of study: “Smiling while Communicating”, during which the participants will learn and discuss in a fun way:

– will learn how to properly get acquainted;

– will learn the verbal formula of polite communication with peers and adults; will learn and discuss the reasons for a polite gratitude and apology;

– will understand the pattern of mobile etiquette.

 Working language of the event: Russian

Brief information about the organizer of the master-class:

“My name is Juliana Shevchenko, I am a mother of 3 wonderful children; I have two higher educations: I graduated from the Lomonosov Moscow State University and the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (PFUR). I am a specialist in etiquette for children and adults, an expert in etiquette information portals and magazines. And as many loving and active parents, I am concerned about good education of my children in a relaxed and interesting form. A couple of years ago I have decided to devote myself to the education of my children in the broadest sense: optional classes and clubs, wardrobe, visiting cultural and recreational activities, proper nutrition, common hobbies all these elements were a part of my personal individually developed educational strategy”.

About the educational method “Etiquette for kids 4+” developed by Juliana Shevchenko:

The method is based on the idea that from an early childhood a kid has being involved in a fairy-tale and play-based form of communication aimed at the obtaining of good habits, beautiful manners and good inner qualities. Discussions about etiquette are ineffective, you need to use such effective and appropriate tools with the help of which a child will be inspired not only by the evaluation of them but also by their artistic design; you should use the instruments that are the characteristics of this age, but at the same time which can be used in aesthetic nurturing of children; you should apply the methods suggesting not only imaginative encouragement, but also actual one.

Beginning of the master-class: at 01:00 p.m.

Pre-registration to the master-class is available by phone: 8 (017) 220 22 87.

Entrance to the event is by the Museum ticket.

Address: Lenin Str., 20

We are waiting for you at our workshops and master-classes!