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Festival OPEN 2014: The international jury members were determined

The members of the jury of the International territorial marketing and branding festival OPEN were announced.

Participants’ works will be evaluated by the best professionals from Belarus, CIS and far abroad.

From Spain Juan Carlos Belloso and Gonzalo Vilar will be present.

Juan Carlos Belloso — development director of Future Places, the leading agency in Spain, which specializes in the field of territorial marketing. Consultant of the branding project of Barcelona, member of the Catalan branding commission, founder of the association “Global Barcelona”.

Gonzalo Vilar — partner and the Global Strategy director of Bloom Consulting HQ in Madrid, Spain, where he has been working in developing strategies for most country branding projects, defining FDI and Tourism strategies for different countries around the world.

From the Netherlands people will see Jacco Stolker — CEO of the Educational and Training Center of the Netherlands (ETCN), executive partner of the European Center of Competence Development (ECCD), coordinator of NIMA (the Netherlands Institute of Marketing) in Central and Eastern Europe and CIS.

Russia will be represented at the Festival by Irina Ivanova, Mihail Gubergrits, Andrey Stas, Vasily Dubeykovsky and Dmitry Peryshkov.

Irina Ivanova — marketing director of OOO “Kreativno-kommunikazionnoe byuro IdeFiks". Member of the working group on the development of the brand concept of Yaroslavl. Expert of strategic target team on development of the tourist industry of the Yaroslavl region. Author of publications on marketing and territorial branding.

Mihail Gubergrits — Founder and creative director of the design studio “LINII” and the naming agency “LEXICA”. Curator and leading teacher at the faculty “Aidentika” of Moscow Communication Academy (Wordshop). In 2000 he graduated from the Moscow Automobile and Road Institute (specialty "Artificial Intelligence"), in 2004 - the Higher Academic School of Graphic Design (Creative Workshop of Erken Kagarov).

Professional awards: Grand Prix and 1st place 2003, 2004) and the Prize "Golden trail" (2005) at the International exhibition-competition "Sign" in St. Petersburg; the first place in the categories "Corporate Identity" and "Sign, logo") at the International design festival "Arrow" in Nizhny Novgorod (2007), and some others.

Andrey Stas — executive partner of the group “Stas Marketing”. Since 1999 founder and director of the group “Stas Marketing” (up until 2005 – a2z marketing). Andrey is the expert of Institute of Place Branding and Public Diplomacy, as well as the director of Institute of Territorial Marketing and Branding. Guest speaker of the Higher School of Public Administration and the School of Economics of Moscow State University. In addition, since 2009 chairman of the supervisory board of the private educational institution "New School of Engineering." Previously taught at the Moscow School of Economics, Higher School of Public Administration, Higher school of marketing and business development.

Vasily Dubeykovsky — Manager of the team “CityBranding”, which specializes in cities branding; author of the professional blog citybranding.ru, speaker at the Russian and international conferences on territorial branding.

Dmitry Peryshkov — creative director and co-owner of the branding company DDVB (Direct Design Visual Branding). Has the professional experience in branding of more than 20 years. Winner of several prestigious awards of international and Russian advertising festivals and designer contests.

Belarus will be represented by the following specialists in their fields:

Valeriya Klitsunova — chairman of the Belarusian Public Association "Otdyh v derevne", which is composed of more than 600 residents of agricultural towns and villages. In 2009 she was given the prestigious "Man of the Year" award in the nomination "The best implementation of business ideas."

Olga Kashkan — creative director of the branding company “Fabula”. Director of the agency “Naming.by”. First certified specialist in naming in Belarus (Moscow, Wordshop BBDO).

Sergey Dyukarev — director of one of the most successful projects in the field of agro ecotourism “The Museum of old folk crafts and technologies "Dudutki".

Dmitry Mironchik — career Belarusian diplomat. Has been working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, from the attaché of humanitarian cooperation to the head of information control. At various times, he worked at the Embassy of Belarus in Germany, the Embassy of Belarus in Italy, the management of foreign policy analysis.

Currently works as the head of information control – press secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus.

Natalia Gromadskih — director of consulting company IPR Belarus, MSSc. Practitioner in the field of corporate communications and public relations since 2001. Since 2006 director of the first in Belarus consulting company in strategic communications “IPR Belarus”. Jury’s member of international contests “The Baltic PR Awards” (Latvia, 2012), “Pravda Awards” (the Ukraine, 2010), “PR Formos” (Lithuania, 2008), “PR-kvetka” (Belarus, 2005-2012), etc.

And, last but not least, Grigory Pomerantsev, the representative of three countries — Russia, Latvia, Belarus, will visit the Festival.

Grigory Pomerantsev, native of Belarus, has worked with many different projects. As a member of the team Grigory became the author of the popular project “LIVE RIGA” —   Riga Tourism Development Bureau. Has experience in management and development of the Latvian national airline AIR BALTIC of more than 15 years. Grigory is the chairman of  Riga Tourism Development Bureau “LIVE RIGA”, a board member of the Club of Entrepreneurs "Rizhskaya marka". Presently works as the commercial director of the International airport of Novosibirsk  (Tolmachevo).

If you want to participate in the contest program OPEN your world within the International territorial marketing and branding Festival OPEN you can register and send your work by clicking on the following link.

The Festival OPEN will take place on June 19-21 in Minsk, at “President-Hotel”. You can see the program of the Festival here.

If you have any questions please contact Elena Novikova, the manager of the Festival OPEN.

Tel.\fax: (017) 321 22 90 (91)

Mob.: (029) 115 97 76; (029) 862 89 94

e-mail: open@satio.by

More details on the Festival website: http://festopen.com/en/