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Artistic and Educational Action “September Night in the Art Museum”

Schedule of Events 9 September 2012

12 am – 3 pm: Child plain-air “My City”. The studio “On Visit to Tubik” (supervisor Olga Brigadnaya). Area before the museum

2 pm: Holiday concert of the model orchestra of the internal military forces of the Ministry for Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus (supervisor Pavel Mozgaryov). Area before the museum. Lobby

2.30 pm: Presentation of the child museum guide “In the World of Russian Art” (author Inna Tomashova). The hall for the Russian art of the 18th – first half of the 19th centuries

3 pm: Music and poetry event dedicated to the 130th birthday of Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas. New museum building

3.30 pm: Concert of the ancient Belarusian music band “Tutejszaja Szlachta” (artistic supervisor Lyavon Makhnach). Lobby

4 pm: Solemn ceremony of franking the stamp and the envelope with the painting “As if in Dream” by the people’s artist of Belarus Leonid Schemelyov. Background music – the string quartet “ANIMA”. New museum building

4 pm – 5 pm: Performance “September Palette” (theatre band “ZO”). Museum halls

4.30: Informal creative meeting with the artist Vladimir Savich on his exhibition “Talk with the Own Shadow or Game with Colour”. Museum galleries

5 pm: Opening of the exhibition of Nikolay Seleschuk “Between Light and Shadow”. Lobby, small hall

6 pm: Concert of the orchestra of teachers of child music school No. 6 of Minsk (artistic supervisor Svetlana Dovzhenko). Lobby

6.30 pm: Show of the design clothes collections of the podium-school “Fashion Style” (supervisor Igor Ivanov) of the National Centre of the Artistic Creative Work of Children and Youth. New museum building

7 pm: “Shadow Show” (creative band of Maria Isayeva). New museum building