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Yahor Batalyonak. Painting

The exhibition is available for visits from August 25, 2016.

The half-century creative way of Yahor Batalyonak is characterized by the continuous search, improvement of professional skills and industriousness. The viewers could appreciate artist’s achievements during numerous solo-exhibitions and collective exposures of Belarusian art held both in Belarus and in abroad. 

At first view, pictures by Batalyonak are simple, understandable and laconic, but their internal content has a deep meaning, energy and intended to onlooker’s spiritual mind. Artist’s works prove a high professional level and individual artistic style.

The personal experiences and view of life of the artist are essential part in his creative activity. They form the basis of ideas, a sense and a content of each composition. In his paintings the artist uses a personal perception to comprehend universal human values and phenomena that have evolved over the centuries in the worldview of Belarusian people.

Landscape and still-life are favorite genres of the artist. The canvases feature an entire Universe of contemplations and notions accumulated by the artist. In Yanka Sipakov’s apt words, “…in his paintings there is presented wisdom”. The painting by Yahor Batalyonak is notable for wholeness and harmony that are both in each canvas and in his creative work in general. As a result, traditionally small in size works acquire a monumental greatness and importance.

It is also worth to mention a color decision that the author uses in his works. It is based on the artist’s spiritual experience, where through the play of light and shade he conveys dynamism of compositions and sensual world of images. Due to such color range viewers can see an inimitable break of grandeur and beauty as if they flayer in the music sails of line and compositional solutions.

Each artist’s work is marked by the divine contents and meaning of human existence on earth. They are reflected not only in Christian symbols and signs, but through a Christian view and understanding of life, glowing in every master’s touch to the canvas.

Yahor Batalyonak’s creative way is characterized by the life understanding, its values and priorities. This is a great spiritual work made by the painter in separation of “the wheat from the chaff” with a language of art. This is a work of mind, consciousness and heart.

Tatiana Markovets-Goranskaya,

Art historian

Yahor Batalyonak was born in Vyalikiya Trukhanavichy village of Chashniky district Vitebsk region on September 19 1946. He graduated from graphic arts department of the Vitebsk Pedagogical Institution (1963–1968) under Felix Gumen and Ivan Stayarou. The artist worked at Begoml boarding school (1968–1970), at the Republican boarding school of music and fine art in Minsk (1970–1988). Yahor Batalyonak has been participating at exhibitions since 1974. He is a member of the Union of Artists of the BSSR (from 1981). He cooperated with ‘Nikolay&Son’ German company for the sale of works of art (1989–1992). In 1996, the artist was awarded the First Prize by the UN Office in Belarus for the painting Communication.  Yahor Batalyonak has been living in Minsk.

          The artist’s paintings are in collections of the National Art Museum of Belarus, at the national Center of Contemporary Arts of Belarus, in Maslennikov Art Museum of Mogilev, at the History and Archeology Museum of Grodno, at the national Library of Belarus, at the Belarusian Union of Artists, at the Ministry of Culture of Russia, Yaroslavl Art Museum, at the Belarusian museum in Gainovka (Poland), at the Belarusian museum in New York  (USA), at the Museum of Contemporary Russian Art in New York (USA), at the Polock Cultural and Educational center in Cleveland (USA), as well as in numerous private collections in Belarus and abroad.


Olga Arkhipova,
Leading Researcher of
Modern and Contemporary Belarusian art Department