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“The Night of Museums. The Apocalypse. Cancelled: …” Return Your “Apple”

On 18 May 2012 from 7 pm till 0 am nineteen art-places will be NON-STOP working under the international project “The Night of Museums-2012” in the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus. The art-places will include:

 Art-place “Garden”: Return Your “Apple”

Gardeners: Dmitry Solodky, Sergey Skibinsky

Authors of video mapping: Creative group videoshow.by

From time immemorial the life topic was connected to the topic of birth and Fruit… The tree has always embodied the past, the present and the future and every year united in its body death and birth, withering and revival… And it is the Fruit that has an extremely important role and closes the cycle of infinity. An ordinary apple symbolises the humankind history from the Old Testament Fall through the birth of Newton’s mechanics to advanced ideas of an iPhone model. But the gift of Life is not an infinite one. The tree is withered, its crown is empty, the future is disturbing…. It is time exotic fruits were returned back to the Life Tree and the balance was restored to sow the seed of hope in the furrows of next generations.

Wise people say that to give is a trait of God and to take is a trait of human. The more Human gives, the more they resemble the Creator. The more they resemble the Creator, the less the darkness of the Apocalypse rules over the heart. Everything shows it is already time to give.

If you a descendant of the Eden children, bring any exotic fruit to the action.

The branches will take it.

The entire harvest of the Garden of Eden will be used for the benefit of all living creatures.


Art-Place “Galactic Odyssey”: Get a ticket to the Noah’s Ark

Space flight attendants: Yekaterina Kalenkevich, Yekaterina Izofatova

Intergalactic travel agent “Space Travel” will offer you a unique chance to escape from the Apocalypse on the super modern ship “New Ark” on 18 May.

Travel tour “Galactic Odyssey” will sure be fascinating. Our flight will pass galaxies Andromeda Nebula and Large and Small Magellanic Clouds. It will last 100 thousand light years. During the flight insignificant deviations from the course will be possible, since due to stardust, quantum non-local correlations will take place and also clashes with asteroids are possible. At transit stops you will have an opportunity to see the sights of the Southern galaxy planets and to visit capitals Auria and Alvasia.

Departure point: the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus.


Art-place “Seven Traps for Soul”: Choose your favourite one…”

Indulgence Dealers: Anton Gramovich, Nikita Monich

On the threshold of the Apocalypse the darkness is getting thicker, passions are burning, vices return to life. Close end lifts all limits for a person. A natural wish to spend the time on Earth fully takes us to new heights… Or none the less pushes towards the edge of a black fathomless pit?

In the evening of 18 May seven entities will go hunting. They will want to take absolute possession of as more human souls as possible before the end of everything. It is in our interest not to allow this. But how to escape from the call of Lust, temptations of Gluttony, striving for Greed, the propensity for Sorrow, Wrath, Pride, Envy when as if the entire world got irrevocably stuck in their viscous power? Let it be one – to recognize them in an idle crowd and to deserve freedom so that afterwards the Fallen angel humbly would take you away: “With the power of all the saints and in mercy to you I absolve you from a sin and crimes and free you from all the penances in your earthly life since no one could enter the temple until the seven plagues of the seven angels were completed”.

Art-place “Light Manipulations”: Generating Global Energy”

Electricians: variety show “Beznazvaniya”

Hydrogen is going on burning away in the sun…. What is the threat for our unsteady planetary system? What will entail another flash in our favourite star? Is time drawing to its close?

Expecting another possible Apocalypse we should play safe and immediately check good condition of the system: specify geometry of interstellar magnetic field, adjust pressure, overhaul all elements of the Perpetual motion machine mechanism and then generate as more global energy as possible…


Art-place International silent short film festival “Apocalypse. Cancelled…”

Movie technicians: “Kinaklub.org”

Several young independent Belarusian directors joined in the festival, and each of them shot a short silent film on the subject “Apocalypse. Cancelled…” specially for the festival. Over 30 contemporary silent films from the USA, Europe and Russia take part in the festival.

Show-programmes of the partner festivals:

  • Festival Nijemogo Filma (Zagreb, Croatia)
  • Youth Silent Film Festival (Portland, the USA)


Outer art-place: Concert

Inspired music lovers: Portal “KU” (www.kyky.org)

In connection to the forecasts about the Apocalypse to come the best musicians of the electronic noosphere call to unite efforts and create a common energy front of kindness and light.

The creative biofield will be concentrated in the outer art-place of the National Art Museum. Here from 7 pm till late at night the portal “KU” (www.kyky.org) will unite 10 music bands for you to hear timbres able to scatter apocalyptic mood:


SKVO’S DANCE COMPANY (studio of theatre “D.O.Z.SK.I.”)

Prokop Jnr

Nick Kazantsev


hum flying bullet-proof noodle

Diamos Roll feat. Rusya



Тu Маdre


The Action will be carried out with the support of CJSC “BellSwissBank” (the title partner of the action “The Night of Museums-2012” in the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus), Foreign Private Company “British American Tobacco” (the title partner of the museum), CJSC “Danaya” (the official Yves Rocher distributor in Belarus).


The official information partners of the action: the web-portal TUT.BY, the national mission “TV-and Radio Company “Mir” in the Republic of Belarus.


The action coordinators:

Iryna Skvortsova

Zakhar Dudinsky

Phone 327-45-62