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INto the national art museum of the republic of belarus-2011”


The National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus with the support of the General Partner – FE “British-American Tobacco Trading Company” is going to hold an open public competition “Entrance ticket into the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus-2011”.

Participants of the competition: designers, artists and painters, students, and all comers.

Term and place of the submission of competition art works (entries): from 7 March till 17 April, 2011 at the following address: Lenin Str., 20, office room №5, for the attention of the younger scientific researcher – Anastasiya Karneyko.

Submission procedure: a draft project of a ticket printed in color and in hard copy accompanied by an electronic version of the project in the following formats: PSD, CDR, AI, and JPG should be submitted to the organizer.

The above mentioned materials should be personally submitted by a participant and all the materials should be sealed in an envelope, bearing the name of the competition. A questionnaire (an application form), including, without limiting the foregoing, a passport number, a full residential (work) address, a phone number for contact, and an email address, should be filled up by a participant and should be handed over to the organizer.

The projects of the participants will be posted on the museum website: www.artmuseum.by.

Competition art works (entries) evaluation criteria:

  • originality and novelty;
  • artistic merit;
  • consistency with the goals specified in the competition;
  • compliance to moral and ethical standards.

Specifications for the design of a ticket:

The entrance ticket into the National Art Museum should be an art work of small graphics, including both imaginative and informational parts. The front side of a ticket should create a memorable and laconic image of the museum (photographic and graphic images of the building, its interiors and art works from the permanent exposition of the museum, etc. are admitted) containing the full name of the museum – a typographic composition “National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus” (or its logo) in both Belarusian and English, and the logo of the General Partner of the museum – FE “British-American Tobacco Trading Company”.

The FE “British-American Tobacco Trading Company" logo is posted on the museum website: www.artmuseum.by.

The size of a ticket: 70 x 140 mm with a control strip on the right side (perforation line is mandatory) and 20 mm wide.

The reverse side of a ticket should contain the information on the operation hours of the museum and its nearest branches, and the phone numbers for contact.


Required inscriptions:


Minsk, Lenin Str., 20. Open from 11.00 to 19.00, except Tuesday

Tel.: 227 71 63, 227 45 62


e-mail: nmmrb@bk.ru



Required inscriptions:

The nearest branches:

The Museum “The Wankowiczes’ House. Culture and Art of the first half of the 19th c.”

220030, Minsk, International Str., 33А.

Tel. 227 88 78


The Museum of Belarusian Folk Art

223054, Minsk Region, Minsk District, P/O Ostroshitsky Gorodok, Sports Complex “Raubichi”

Tel. 507 44 68


The Castle Complex “Mir” of the 16th – 20th cc.

231444, Grodno Region, Korelichi District, urban settlement Mir, Krasnoarmeyskaya Str., 2

Tel. (8 01596) 2 82 72


The whole variable part of the information will be digitized into the computer of the cash register by a controller of the museum in black fount therefore the reverse side of a ticket should be done in lighter tones than its front side.

Prizes and evaluation procedure of the achieved results: 

The organizer establishes the two following prizes: Grand Prize and Audience Award.

Grand Prize: 2 million Belarusian rubles. The evaluation of the competition art works (entries) is being performed from 18 till 21 April, 2011. The winner for the Grand Prize is being chosen by the members of the Jury, individually evaluating each of the represented art works in accordance with the ten-point system. The winner of the competition will become a participant whose art work (entry) has gained the maximum quantity of points. In case if the highest scores are simultaneously received by the several participants, the winner will be chosen by the Jury through an open vote by simple majority of the votes. If there is the equality of the votes the Chairman’s vote is casting.

Audience Award: 1 million Belarusian rubles. From 18 till 21 April, 2011 at NAM RB at the following address: Lenin Str., 20 the art works (entries) of all the participants will be displayed at a special exhibition. Every visitor of the exhibition has the right for participation in the voting for the Audience Award. For taking part in the voting a visitor of the exhibition should put a cheque – an application for the entrance ticket with the number of the competition art work (entry), which he or she preferred most of all, – into a specially designed ballot box. On 22 April, 2011 the counting of the votes in the support of each of the competition art works (entries) is planning to be done. The winner will be a participant with the maximum quantity of the votes. If the several participants have received the same highest number of the votes, the prize is equally divided between each of them.

Terms and procedure of the announcement of the results of the competition:

On 22 April, 2011 at 17.00 p.m. the press conference, during which the results of the competition will be announced by the Jury, is to be held at the museum. Both the participants of the competition and other persons, including the representatives of the mass media, are entitled to attend the press conference. The winners are also personally informed about the results of the competition by the representatives of the organizer.

Awarding procedure: 

The prizes are paid out by the organizer of the competition via a bank money transfer for the current deposit of the winner.

Additional terms of the competition:

  • Not award-winning art works (entries) are not to be returned to the participants.
  • The winner is awarded with the Grand Prize in case of the signing out of the gratuitous transfer contract for all the necessary copyrights on the result of the work performed (a competition entry or an art work) for the intended use.
  • Responsibility of the professional preparation of a file printing using an offset method is entirely assigned to the winner of the competition.
  • A ticket of the selected design will be used during 1 year.
  • During the competition photographing of the museum interiors and the permanent exposition paintings as well are allowed for the participants for free.


The Jury of the Competition:

Vladimir Prokoptsov, Candidate of Art History, General Director of the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus, Chairman of the Jury

Sergey Bury, Head of the Corporate Relations Department of FE “British-American Tobacco Trading Company”

Mikhail Borozna, Candidate of Fine Arts Sciences, Associate Professor, Rector of the Belarusian State Academy of Arts

Irina Skvortsova, Candidate of Art History, Head of the Scientifically-Educational Department of the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus

Dmitry Sursky, Head of the Public Association “Belarusian Union of Designers”

Lev Tolbuzin, Associate Professor of the Industrial Design Chair of the Department of Design, Decorative and Applied Arts of the Belarusian State Academy of Arts

Nadezhda Usova, Deputy of General Director for Scientific Work of the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus

Oleg Chernyshov, Candidate of Philosophy, Professor of the Design Chair of the Humanitarian Department of the Belarusian State University