The exhibition under the festive New Year’s title takes place in the gallery and foyer of the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus. It presents about hundred pictorial works of the famous Belarusian artist Andrey Smolyak.

Andrey Smolyak belongs to the masters who was educated during the Soviet time, but whose talent blossomed out in the second half of the 1990s. Career of the artist consists of periods of motion to success and achievement, but there were also dramatic life situations.

The artist participates in the International art exhibitions. Among his models were Pope John Paul II, Princess of Belgium Astrid, Anzhelika Agurbash, Eduard Khanok, Yevgeny Kryzhanovsky, and Philip Kirkorov.

Deep knowledge of literature and philosophy give him the opportunity to substantiate constructively his views. His reflections of life are logical and rational they are not devoid of thinking figurativeness.

The artist works in traditional genres: theme picture, landscape, and portrait. Origins of creativity are very obvious, but they sound in a new way in Smolyak’s painting. Infatuation with art of the past and great old masters is typical for every sensible artist. Traditionality, rising from the enormous centuries-old art experience, is combined with novelty, saturating with interest for modern times and multiplied by talent, in Andrey Smolyak’s work.

Visitors can see the extensive series of self-portraits. Every his self-portrait is a psychological “self” research, discovery of a certain emotional condition. Tetraptych “Self-Portraits” (1999) is the tribute to the ardour for West European painting.

Woman portraits form the separate group of pictures. The artist’s wife Olga takes premier place, she is his favorite model. Large number of canvases is devoted to theatre and circus. Splendid by colours “My Week” (2004) is among them. The series “Portraits of Colours” (1997) consists of seven pictures, where symbolism combines with associative thinking and imagination.

The artist affirms his views, attitudes to surrounding nature through his landscapes.

Sometimes the master passes from traditional easel painting to small-scale picture and accurate elaboration of the canvas surface to present his work as jewelry.

Artistic, eccentric and startling by nature Andrey Smolyak brings some happiness to the audience through his bright colourful works on the threshold of New Year and Christmas holydays. His art reminds us how beautiful the surrounding world is. The master generously shares his godsends and richness of impressions with us, his spectators.

Andrey Smalyak

Was born on December 2, 1954 in Minsk.

1980 graduated from the Belarusian State Theater and Art Institute (Easel Painting Department under Poytr Krokhalyov and Maay Danzig).

Participant of art exhibitions since 1987.

Member of the Belarusian Artists Union since 1990.

Works are kept in the funds of the Belarusian Artists Union and the Museum of Contemporary Fine Arts (Minsk), private collections in Great Britain, France, Belgium, China, Italy, USA, Korea, and Russia.

Winner of the prize of the Second International Chagall Open Air in Vitebsk (1997).

Honorary member of the European Academy of Arts in Paris (1998).

Awarded the silver medal of the European Parliament for the contribution to art (1999, Brussels).

1997 Album “Andrey Smolyak” (layout and design by Andrey Smolyak and Mikhail Borozna; “ОЛЬГАПРЕСС”).

2006 Album “Andrey Smolyak. Painting” (introductory article by Aleksandr Zimenko; Minsk).

Lives in Minsk.

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