River of Time. The exhibition of graphic works by the artists celebrating their jubilees in 2014 within the project ‘Our Collections’
From July 18 to September 1, 2014. The exhibition lasts

The exhibition of printed graphic and original works by Yefim Minin, Robert Genin, Fyodor Fogt, Nikolai Gurlo, Sergey Romanov, Vladimir Sadin, Gennady Golubovich, Leonid Antimonov, Mikhail Romanyuk, Nikolai Ryzhikov, Anatoly Zaitsev, Vasily Sharangovich, Yevgeny Zhilin, Vladimir Poshchastev, Gennady Shutov, Lyudmila Voronova, Vladimir Napreenko, Mikhail Borzdyko, Kamala Kamilya, Sergey Balenok, Konstantin Kukso and others is a part of the exhibition dedicated to the artists celebrating their jubilees in 2014. It presents more than 70 works by nearly 30 authors aged from 130 to 60 years who belong to the art of Belarus. The same exhibitions from the museum collections have become traditional. This exhibition is the eighth one.

The anniversary is an occasion to remind of famous and not so famous artists, to see their aesthetically and historically insightful works, which had been unknown for decades. The ‘anniversary’ concept of the exhibition makes it different, but this presents individual styles and various ‘colors of time’. It is possible to have a look at diverse interpretations of reality and to make unexpected and joyful discoveries. The exhibited works were created over the last century, so they are a fact of history as well as a fact of modernity. Therefore, they affect the future through viewers’ perception.

Obviously, we can display few works by each artist in a small exposition space. They provide us with a concentrated, ‘epigraphic’ idea of the artist, his world vision and skill.

Each artist is unique in the exhibition. These works depict the character, fate and time. Most of them were made in the era of so-called ‘socialist realism’. However, this phenomenon is very noticeable for romanticism – sublime perception of reality, hope for a better life and dreams. The same dreams of a serene world are more indirectly metaphorical or even paradoxical in the works by younger artists. They often consist of skepticism, pain and confrontation of reality. On the other hand, they demonstrate the desire to overcome tribulations of life through art.

These pieces of art cause vibrant feelings, although they were executed many years ago. The artists’ sincerity, talent and universality of human emotions are a reflection of this fact.

The exhibition is planned from July 18 to September 1, 2014. The exhibition lasts.


The poster:

Karlov Stvor. From the series ‘The Sayano-Shushenskaya Dam’. 1975 

Watercolor on paper. 59x83 

Anton Yasyukayt. 1944–2000s (?) 

The National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus (Minsk) 


The curator of the exhibition is Valentina Voitsekhovskaya, leading researcher of the department of modern Belarusian art.

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