The Age of Anton Barkhatkou

Throughout his long career and creative development Anton Barkhatkou (1917-2001) – a prominent Belarusian artist, the Honoured Artist of Belarus – has turned to various genres of painting: thematic picture, portrait and still life. Nevertheless he became most famous as a master of landscape. The majority of his art works is full of lyrical and poetic mood.

Lyrical landscapes created by Anton Barkhatkou attract the attention by their honesty, the directness of vision, and the naturalness of composition. He had a talent of showing nature in different seasons. Winter landscapes created by the artist are diverse in their mood: poetically sad, calm; they are drawn with a cloudy sky, a bluish and gray flair; they are filled with mystery, or more intense colorful combinations. Anton Barkhatkou preferred drawing early spring, when the snow has not been quite melted, but nature has already lived in the anticipation of changes.

Summer time is also colourfully and earnestly represented in the art works by the landscape painter. The paintings dedicated to that time are varied in their mood: the joy of life and a fairy-tale charm are being shown in them. Sometimes the sense of vigilance and anxiety, as well as a feeling of purity and freshness are seen in the paintings.

The artist was also inspired by autumn: he was a skilful master of conveying alarming mysteriousness at one moment, and a few sad beauty of golden autumn at the next one as well as the mood of cautious expectation of changes at one time, and an imminent arrival of winter cold at the next moment.

The art works by Anton Barkhatkou are stored at the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus as well as in a number of other museums and private collections in our country and abroad, including the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.

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