Ani. Blessed Image of the Armenian Capital

On 10 October 2012 at 5 pm the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus will solemnly open the photo exhibition “Ani. Blessed Image of the Armenian Capital” of Armen Kazaryan.

Armen Kazaryan is an architect and an artist, Dr. habil. in art, an adviser of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences, the head of a department of the Research Institute for Theory and History of Architecture and Urban Planning of the RAACS, the leading research assistant of the State Art Institute of the Ministry for Culture of the Russian Federation. About 40 works created by the author in the last decade will make up the exhibition.

Ani was the last medieval capital of Armenia uniting a larger part of its historic lands. After the fall of Ani in the result of the Seljuk attacks in the mid 11th century and complete plunder and destruction of the city in the 14th century two greatest waves of Armenian emigration took place.

Throughout almost the entire 20th century Ani belonged to the border zone of Turkey, and only few researchers could visit the town for a short period and tell the world about churches, palaces, city walls and bridges passed into oblivion. At present there are carried out restoration works in Ani aimed to preserve the monuments, and the town is turning into an international tourism centre.

The exhibition is organized with the support of LLC "SIE SK MOST" (The Russian Federation, Moscow district, Balashikha City)

The exhibition will run till 12 November 2012.

 The exhibition is organised under the International research conference “Artistic Culture of Armenian Communities in the lands of Rzeczpospolita”. The conference is aimed to expand the informational base in the area of Belarusian-Armenian cultural interactions and to analytically comprehend their role in the artistic culture of Belarus. Experts in art and historians, leading experts in armenology from Belarus, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, the Ukraine, Germany, France and Armenia expressed their wish to participate in the conference.

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