November, 10th - December, 1

November, 10th - December, 1


To the 110th birthday anniversary of Alexander Ahola-Valo (1900–1997)

and to the 70th birthday anniversary of the researcher of Alexander Ahola-Valo’s creative activity – Lyudmila Nalivaiko

 Ahola-Valo – an outstanding figure in the Belarusian fine and visual arts of the 1920s. His creative activity is tightly connected with Belarus, Russia, Sweden and Finland. The studies at the Vitebsk Art and Graphic Studios (1921–1922), and then at the Odessa Art Institute (1923–1925) had shaped his world outlook as one of a versatile person. Alexander Ahola-Valo was showing an interest in realist and avant-garde trends in art, as well as in pioneering approaches of the creation of a modern man.

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